Looking for something stylish but super easy to take on and off, our custom release buckle collar is perfect! All of our products our handmade from biothane which means they are waterproof, odour resistant, and mildew resistant. They are super durable, non-toxic, and vegan. Colour of all product is guaranteed to stay the same as the day you bought it, no fading!


Medium (13 – 17″)

Large (15-19″)

XLarge (18-22 “)


Please make sure to size your dogs neck! There is a image in the pictures to show you how to best measure for the perfect size. Our collar sizes are based on where the hole placements are and they are each an inch apart. If you have a growing puppy we suggest picking a size where your dogs neck size lines up with the first one or two holes and if you have a grown pup pick a size where they land in the middle. For example if your dogs neck is 16” and they are still growing pick the 15”-20” collar. If they are not growing much then pick the 14”-18” collar. For width we suggest going with the 1” for medium to large breeds and 3/4” for smaller breeds.

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