Ozone Purifier

The Ozinator produces ozone gas. If used with the contained pumice diffusers, the ozone gas can be dissolved in water to produce a disinfecting/cleansing solution ideal for cleaning fruits and vegetables or sanitizing other items that are capable of being submerged in water.

Best For:

  • Deodorization

  • Fruit and Vegetable washing

  • All-purpose surface disinfectant


  • Ozone gas (O3) or trioxygen is a strong oxidizer while remaining a very unstable molecule. In normal conditions, Ozone gas quickly degenerates into harmless and pure oxygen (O2).


  • Ozone gas is toxic and should not be inhaled, even at low concentrations. It is an irritant to the lungs. The Ozinator should always be used in a well-ventilated area.

  • Allow Ozone to dissipate after operating in a closed space such as a closet.

Example Applications

  1. Deodorize shoes

  2. Cleaning Fruits and Veggies

  3. Sanitizing and deodorizing solution

Watch the following time lapsed demonstration how the Ozinator clarifies tap water from blue food dye. Ozonation is a process that has been used on an industrial scale for years to sanitize and disinfect water. Now, Pure Clean Sanitize is bringing these products to household disinfection applications.

The Ozinator helps remove pesticides and sanitize your fruits and vegetables with eco friendly ozone water. Disinfection on Demand. How to use:

1) Fill container, sink or similar with tap water

2) Add fruits, vegetables and items desired to be sanitized.

3) Submerge diffusing sphere.

4) Turn on The Ozinator for the desired sanitize time.

5) Drain and serve.

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