Dr Maggie Paw Protector 200GM


Dr. Maggie Paw Protector is a blend of waxes, moisturizers, and healing agents for year round protection. The natural ingredients penetrate the skin within minutes and is safe for your dogs and cats. The waxes harden in cold weather to provide a barrier to salt, snow and ice. In the summertime regular use helps to maintain normal moisture content of the skin, protecting from hot pavement and rough terrain.

Every pet parent can enjoy a more convenient, cost effective alternative to boots by using Dr. Maggie Paw Protector to protect dog’s paws. Boots can be difficult to put on, can damage claws in the process, and are easily lost. In addition, dogs sweat through their pads, causing a buildup of bacteria in boots which can cause fungal infections unless boots are washed or replaced regularly.

Apply liberally to pads and between toes before walking in cold, icy, and salty conditions. After walking, wipe paws to remove residue. You can then re-apply a smaller amount and rub until absorbed, for extra moisturizing.

  • Protect paws from ice, salt, snow! Wax forms a protective layer to repel ice and snow!
  • Prevent irritation, cracking and bleeding paws caused by salt and chemicals used to melt snow.
  • Contains Beeswax, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to moisturize and condition paws.
  • No more annoying socks or booties that your pet won’t wear or that are hard to fit!
  • Easy to appy! Simply apply generously by hand. Waxes wear down after 20 min of walking.
  • Soothe and moisturize dry, cracked pads
  • Stops irritation from most weather conditions; cold or hot!
  • Safe if ingested in small amounts
  • Non-toxic for cats and dogs

Hot Pavement & Sand
Enjoy longer summer walks with your pup, free of cracked, bleeding paws when you use Dr. Maggie Paw Protector. The waxes protect and moisturize your dogs sensitive paws. Always keep in mind that pavement can be much hotter than you realize so always test by placing your palm on the pavement for 30 seconds to ensure that it is not too hot for your pet.

Hiking & Abrasive Surfaces
Hike with confidence knowing you never have to leave your best friend at home out of worry that it will be too hard on their paws. Apply Dr. Maggie Paw Protector prior to hiking and depending on the hike, reapply at 20 minute intervals to keep your pet’s paws from cracking, tearing, or bleeding.

Snow, Salt, Ice
No pet has to feel cooped up all winter! Your pet can enjoy the wintery outdoors without suffering from salt, snow and icy conditions. Simply apply Dr. Maggie Paw Protector prior to going outdoors. The cold will harden the waxes, providing a barrier to the cold and to the chemicals.

Soft, supple, moisturized paws
Are you tired of boots that fall off, are ill-fitting, or are removed by your pet? Dogs don’t like them any more than you do! Dr. Maggie Paw Protector not only protects sensitive paws from heat, cold, chemicals, and abrasive surfaces, it also moisturizes, soothes, and heals. Apply before and after going outdoors for best results.

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