Fresh Breath Triple Flex Toothbrush Large Dog


Keeping your pup’s oral health in check involves more than just making his kisses smell fresh. With the TripleFlex Dog Toothbrush from TropiClean, you can give your sidekick a whole mouth cleaning—thanks to a round brush-head and unique 360 design. By hugging your dog’s entire tooth, it helps to clean faster than ever, and can help scrub tartar away when used with a plaque-busting toothpaste, like TropiClean’s Fresh Breath Brushing Gel. And, yes, brushing regularly supports those clean-smelling kisses, too!

Key Benefits

  • Helps you give your BFF’s mouth 360-degree freshness by scrubbing both sides of his teeth.
  • Teeth-hugging design lets you tackle more angles in one sweep, for a faster clean.
  • Supports the removal of tartar when used with a plaque action toothpaste.
  • Veterinarian-recommended design was formulated for superior oral health.
  • Available in two sizes to suit dogs of all breeds.


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