Ozone Purifier


If you prefer to purify your water, use the Ozinator to kill all bacteria.

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The Ozinator produces ozone gas. If used with the contained pumice diffusers, the ozone gas can be dissolved in water to produce a disinfecting/cleansing solution ideal for cleaning fruits and vegetables or sanitizing other items that are capable of being submerged in water.

Best For:

  • Deodorization

  • Fruit and Vegetable washing

  • All-purpose surface disinfectant


  • Ozone gas (O3) or trioxygen is a strong oxidizer while remaining a very unstable molecule. In normal conditions, Ozone gas quickly degenerates into harmless and pure oxygen (O2).


  • Ozone gas is toxic and should not be inhaled, even at low concentrations. It is an irritant to the lungs. The Ozinator should always be used in a well-ventilated area.

  • Allow Ozone to dissipate after operating in a closed space such as a closet.

Example Applications

  1. Deodorize shoes

  2. Cleaning Fruits and Veggies

  3. Sanitizing and deodorizing solution