Whiskas Cat Perfect Portions Salmon Dinner Pate 37.5g X 2


As the makers of WHISKAS® we love cats for their independent spirits but understand they still need love and care.

After the first serving, wet food is not always fresh for your cat – and some cats find refrigerated leftovers less appetizing. Plus, leftover wet food can be a messy hassle for you. That’s why we created a single serve meal for cats.

With the single serve pack format, it’s a fresh meal for your cat every time with no messy serving and no leftovers*. The perfect meal for your perfect companion. It has an appealing paté texture and is available in real flavours like Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Salmon, Whitefish & Tuna, Seafood, Chicken & Liver, and Chicken & Tuna. WHISKAS®  PERFECT PORTIONS is a revolution in wet cat food.

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